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In the Chiesa di San Rocco

Art exhibitions  

Every year we ask artists with connections to Tuscany to do art exhibitions in the small 13th century church of Chiesa di San Rocco. The beautiful little church lies in front of Palazzo Tiglio and is still owned by the parish of San Pancrazio. 

Chiesa di San Rocco

Chiesa di San Rocco is the oldest religious building in San Pancrazio built in the 13th century. This still ordained church is owned by the parish of San Pancrazio, that kindly offers it to us for art exhibitions during the summer months. 

I Built A House In Your Chest Hi Res.jpg
30 MARCH - 9 JUNE 2024

Existential Mirror

Amsterdam artist Bob Jonkers attended the Malmö Art Academy in Sweden and graduated in 2020. Previous exhibitions include Gallerie Bonnard in Neunen, Holland 

About Existential Mirror: 

A portrait of the artist gazing, either into the vast unknown outside of the canvas’ constraints, or directly onto the beholder. What lies behind the eyes? Do they yearn for knowledge, or do they hold within an understanding of life? Is the artist blind, or does he apprehend his sight? The self portraits invite the viewer to dabble with their meaning, to ask themselves if the paintings are asking questions or providing answers - or both.

27 JUNE - 20 AUGUST 2024


‘The Impossible Stillness of Light’.

London based painter Gill Button is known for her captivating translation of found imagery; creating gestural, intimate portraits that are deeply personal and intuitive. Capturing moments of wonder, melancholy, strength or vulnerability, Button’s practice makes us question how we connect to each other, but ultimately to ourselves. Her larger canvases, often cinematic in nature, depict moments of contemplation; evocative of distant dreams, fears or memories.

Recent solo shows include Echoes of Blue, Han Feng Art Space, New York; Traces of You, James Freeman Gallery, London; From Iceland to Lalaland, Ame Nue, Hamburg; Han Feng Art Space, Shanghai; Impermanence, Soho Revue, London, A Distant Glow, CANart Ibiza. With recent group exhibitions in Tokyo, LA, Madrid, Paris, Berlin.


Autumn 2023

Swiss-born artist Christiane Perrochon creates stoneware and porcelain ceramics entirely by hand from her studio in Castiglion Alberti, just a few kilometres from Palazzo Tiglio.

Christiane Perrochon creates high temperature ceramics in stoneware and porcelain, entirely made by hand, which explore light and simple forms enriched with multi-hued glazes. Refined objects ready to be integrated in the most modern of contexts.

Christianes passion for color first stirred during her studies at the Ecole des ArtsDecoratifs in Geneva. Her forty years of research with high-temperature ceramic glazes continues to be a testimony to both her sense of depth and dedication. Obsessed with color and possessed with a sixth sense for discovering and developing hues that have rarely, if ever, been seen in stoneware, Chrstianes professional reputation is revered.


Summer 2023

Liselotte Watkins made a name for herself in fashion illustration, collaborating with fashion houses such as Prada, Miu Miu, and Rodebjer, as well as high profile publications including Vogue, The New Yorker, and Elle Magazine. She has now left illustration behind to pursue painting full time and has quickly established herself with a colourful aesthetic that is based on simplicity and precision.


Born in Nyköping, Sweden. She lives and works in Tuscany, Italy. She studied at the Art Institute in Dallas.

In the exhibition "Attorno a me" Watkins explores the cherished things in her surrounding, her beloved books, artworks and daily objects that makes for the foundation of her inspiration. 

Previous exhibitions include solo exhibitions at 

Villa San Michele, Capri 2019 , 

Millesgråden in Stockholm, Sweden 2021, 

CF Hill in Stockholm, Sweden 2017-2022

san rocco .jpg

Summer 2021, 2022

The summer of 2023 will be the third summer of art exhibitions organised by Palazzo Tiglio. Previous years exhibitions by renowned dutch sculptor and artist Jeroen Henneman, part time resident in San Pancrazio with studio here, have been a great success with good visitor numbers and reviews! 

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